Egorov Andrey


I would like to express my deep gratitude to dental therapist Alina Ashotovna Chilingaryan for her sensitive and attentive attitude. Thank you very much!

Shadrina Anna Gennadievna


I thank the wonderful surgeon Guram Konstantinovich Uberi. The tooth was removed quickly and painlessly. Guram Konstantinovich, you have golden hands! It feels like a professional in his field!

Boris Kruglov


Many thanks to Nikolai Aleksandrovich Ogurtsov. The upper jaw prosthesis was made perfectly, it fit from the first fitting. I recommend a very good prosthetist.

Glazkova Maria Vladimirovna


I would like to express my gratitude to Evgeniy Sergeevich Ananyev and Alexandra Sergeevna Yankina! They find an approach to any children incredibly quickly. Alexandra Sergeevna and the nurse, by hook or by crook, will be able to persuade any child to pull a tooth) Result: a happy child with a tooth in a bag and a mother who didn’t even have a heart attack, because everything went without screaming and screaming! After two unsuccessful attempts to cure the tooth, they came to Evgeniy Sergeevich from other specialists; the son refused to open his mouth and screamed. Although he even went about the removal calmly. From the first seconds, he put the child at ease, spoke out every action, and checked whether it was comfortable or not painful. I did everything in 10 minutes, without the injections that the previous specialists insisted on! THANKS A LOT!

Mikhailushkina Ulyana Alexandrovna


I express my deep gratitude to the dentist M.B. Adzhieva. She treated her tooth, everything went well, quickly, she explained and told everything!



I was treated by Bolmosova for more than twenty years, she always treated me well, both for free and for money (she loves money very much, she constantly scammed me). But with the last tooth, I was very disappointed in her. She doesn't want to work at all. Patients annoy her. Apparently she is already experiencing professional burnout! All my teeth started to hurt, I came to her, I said my teeth hurt a lot, she looked visually and said that all the teeth were good and even all the fillings were in place. I left, suffered with pain for about six months (I couldn’t understand what was hurting, I treated the trigeminal nerve), as a result, a purulent abscess in front of this tooth swelled in my mouth and I went to the surgeon, they opened the abscess and sent me to treat the tooth, it turned out to be a cyst already neglected (with a cyst, the tooth itself does not hurt, all the teeth hurt). If the doctor had sent me for an x-ray, it wouldn’t have gotten to the point of an abscess! Okay, recognizing a cyst is difficult. I came to Bolmosova to treat a cyst, she sent me for a photo and told me to make an appointment again for treatment, I suffered for a week, waited for an appointment, came again, she said: “Oh, there are 3 channels, a complex tooth, it costs 20 thousand to cure it.” In general, I didn’t want to to treat him (I didn’t get divorced for 20 thousand, I just wanted to fill the tooth for a fee) and she still had to treat him. The upper tooth 6 had never been filled, she opened it, cleaned the canals, after some time she put a temporary filling and the tooth split into two parts (she did not indicate this in the medical card). A small part was removed, they decided to save the larger part, in general, she sculpted my tooth from free cement (she didn’t even offer to fill it for a fee), she even built the walls…. But I didn’t have to rejoice for a long time, because he got sick again, I went to another doctor, she said: “you didn’t finish treating him,” I say: “I finished everything.” The picture was taken at the end of the treatment, I answer: “yes, of course,” but it’s not on the card! He sends it for a new one, and on the x-ray, one of the three canals is sealed. Now I am treating the same tooth with another doctor.

Andreeva Elena Ivanovna


Many thanks to the head of the surgical department, Andrey Anatolyevich Ivanov, for providing assistance to our brother, V.I. Efremov. For his attentive, kind attitude and urgent solution to the problem.

Sisters Elena Ivanovna and Nadezhda Ivanovna

Ignatieva O.V.


I really liked the pediatric dentist Lysenko Lyudmila Vladislavovna! He puts the child at ease and does a good job!!)

E. S. Chekmareva


I would like to thank the dental surgeon Mikhail Vladimirovich Gusev.
I took too long with my teeth and had to make a radical decision - removing 9 teeth. The only doctor whose visit does not start with hassle ahead of time. Friendly, taciturn, but at the same time attentive and very clear about the situation, the prospects for treatment, the advantages and disadvantages of this or that option.
I contacted him for acute pain quite a few years ago and am very glad that I remembered his last name and was able to solve current problems in a good mood.
Keep it up!!!

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