I am very afraid of dentists, but Alla Dmitrievna Uchelkina helped me cope with my fear, put me at ease, is a doctor with a capital D, the removal went quickly, I am satisfied with the result.

Baranova Natalia


Thanks to Mutalipov Mansur Israpilovich, an orthopedic dentist, who installed high-quality dentures for my husband and me, while showing himself as a professional and as a good person. I would like him not to lose his unique qualities in a world where everything is decided by money.

Zaitseva Alexandra Viktorovna


I want to express my gratitude to A. V. Pronkin for his high professionalism and sensitive attitude towards my child. The teenage son was afraid of dentists, but Artur Vyacheslavovich quickly and easily managed to win us over. My son liked that the doctor commented and explained his actions, was very polite and attentive. The child responded with pleasure to the doctor’s proposal to heal another tooth a day later, the son even got up early for this purpose and came to the clinic by 8 in the morning)

Grigory Grigorievich Kirpilenko


Tear out, remove your damaged teeth from Gusev Mikhail Vladimirovich!
Thank you my dentist
Comrade Gusev,
What is so easy
I, your left the office!
You are more than great!

Lebedeva D.M.


I express my deep gratitude to the head of the children's department Yandarbiyeva Elima Lechievna for her reverent and understanding attitude towards little patients. Our appointment was canceled due to the illness of the dentist-surgeon, and Elima Lechievna personally accepted her daughter and now we have something to pass on to the mouse under the pillow)).

Egor Taranov


I express my deep gratitude to the dentist therapist Istomina Angelina Igorevna, for treating my problem with a tooth, the work was very high quality and neatly done, and without pain at all, I am very glad that your golden hands turned to you 🙂 God bless you good health!

Mikryukova A. A.


I want to express my great
gratitude to the dentist-surgeon Gusev Mikhail Vladimirovich for his professionalism and sincere attitude towards patients. Great doctor, very helpful in a difficult situation. Thanks a lot. Sincerely, Your patient Mikryukova Anastasia



Boundless love and gratitude. Surgeons Grigoryeva Olga Vladimirovna
Yankina Alexandra Sergeevna
Who removed a tooth to a child, which no one could do from all the dentists in Moscow t MO
Thank you for being not just a doctor, YOU ARE FAIRIES🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

Steinrais Alexander Vladimirovich


I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Istomina Angelina Igorevna for the professionalism of the highest level! I have never met such a sincere, attentive, responsive and humane attitude. I visited different specialists, but Angelina Igorevna is the best in the dental business. I now treat my teeth only with her. Thank you so much for your high professionalism, for your excellent knowledge of your business, for your kind, sensitive and attentive attitude towards patients.

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