Inner order rules

General provisions

These Rules define the norms of behavior for visitors on the territory and premises of the State Autonomous Healthcare Institution "Dental Clinic No. 35 of the Department of Health of the City of Moscow" (hereinafter referred to as GAUZ "SP No. 35 DZM") The rules are developed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and other regulatory legal acts federal and regional levels: — ensuring the necessary conditions for the functioning of the clinic; - ensuring the safety of visitors, as well as employees of the clinic; - Compliance with the established order on the territory and in the premises of the clinic.
The order on the territory and in the premises of the polyclinic is organized by the administration and provided by the employees of the polyclinic, including the shift officer on duty of the security of the private security company.
Visits to polyclinics are carried out through the staff of the registry of the children's and adult departments, where patients receive coupons for an appointment with a specialist doctor.
The administration of the polyclinic is not responsible for valuables, documents, money, cell phones, jewelry, etc.
Entrance to the clinic with bulky bags, prams, bicycles, animals and roller skates is prohibited.
For injuries and accidents that occurred as a result of violation of safety requirements by visitors in the clinic, the administration of the clinic is not responsible.

Visitor rights

Visitors to the clinic have the right to:
- go to the premises of the polyclinic on the established days and hours of work, as well as at the time of appointment of a specialist doctor indicated in the coupon;
- use the technical premises (toilet, wardrobe) of the clinic.

Obligations of Visitors

- Observe the established intra-object mode of the polyclinic, as well as the accepted norms of behavior in public places.
-Follow the requirements of the administration, medical personnel, security personnel of the private security company, avoiding manifestations of disrespectful attitude towards them, as well as towards other visitors.
- Take care of the property of the clinic, follow the rules for the use of inventory and equipment.
- Maintain cleanliness and silence in the territory and in the premises of the clinic.
-Send outerwear to the cloakroom. Also, during the periods established by the administration of the clinic, it is recommended to wear shoe covers.
- At the request of the medical registrar, provide the documents necessary for issuing a coupon for an appointment with a specialist doctor (passport, compulsory medical insurance policy, for a preferential contingent - a pension certificate, a certificate for a disabled person, etc.);
- Comply with safety requirements when visiting the clinic.

Visitors are prohibited

- Enter treatment rooms in dirty shoes.
- Run, push, jump, shout and perform other actions that violate public order and interfere with other visitors to the clinic.
- In order to prevent and suppress terrorist acts, other crimes and administrative offenses, to ensure the safety of clinic employees and visitors, it is prohibited: the presence of which the visitor has or their use (use) may pose a threat to the safety of others; – remove documents from the stands, as well as place any of their documents on them, place announcements, promotional materials; – conduct surveys and distribute manufactured goods on the territory and in the building of the clinic; — to take photos and videos without the permission of the administration. - smoking in the clinic building.
- Access to the premises of the polyclinic is prohibited for persons with aggressive behavior, in a state of alcoholic, toxic or drug intoxication.

Responsibility of visitors

- In case of violation by visitors of the rules established in the clinic, the security guard on duty of the private security company who ensures order in the building (office premises) has the right to make appropriate comments to them and apply other measures of influence provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
- Interfering with the implementation of order in the premises of the polyclinic, failure to comply with the legal requirements of security workers to stop actions that violate these Rules, and other unlawful actions entail liability under the current legislation of the Russian Federation.