Information and communication campaign "Health days of the capital".

In order to attract the attention of the population to the problems of preserving and strengthening their health, Moscow regularly holds information and communication events aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, early prevention and diagnosis of chronic infectious diseases.

During the events, information and educational work is carried out among the population (lectures, round tables, schools for the prevention of various diseases, consultations of medical specialists, distribution of thematic information materials), diagnostic examinations for the early detection of chronic non-communicable diseases, including malignant neoplasms.

Events are held both on the basis of medical organizations of the state healthcare system of the city of Moscow, and on field sites: in the parks of the capital, at enterprises, in educational organizations in the city of Moscow, libraries, separate divisions (branches) of the State Budgetary Institution "Multifunctional centers for the provision of public services in the city of Moscow", resource centers and other public places in Moscow. The purpose of the information and communication campaign is to increase the level of literacy of the population with an emphasis on the younger generation in matters of health, to educate the population about the risk factors for the development of non-communicable diseases and the need for a responsible attitude to their health, to form motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and active participation in the process of maintaining their health .

The activities of the ongoing information and communication campaign are aimed at promoting and implementing national projects and regional projects in the field of healthcare: “Development of the primary health care system”, “Combating cancer”, “Combating cardiovascular diseases”, “Strengthening public health ”, “Development of export of medical services” and “Older generation”.

In 2019, 11.4 thousand events were held as part of 34 large-scale awareness-raising and prevention campaigns with the participation of 599.04 thousand people. According to the Medialogy data, the coverage was 1523.9 million people, the number of publications was 5655. The results of past events and the calendar of future events can be found on this page.

More information about the campaign "HEALTH DAYS OF THE CAPITAL" - ON THE MOSCORZDRAV WEBSITE

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